Thursday, June 3, 2010

The best Windows Azure Apps

Windows Azure has now 10.000 customers and you might think ok but do I really need to build an application myself or isn’t there some app available I just download the application package for an run it in the cloud? Yes, there is!

Microsoft Germany puts together a list of applications and tools a new Azure Gallery: 

I have reviewed the apps and tools listed there and even added a few
of my own favorite ones:

a) Use Windows Azure Storage as an encrypted network drive with Gladient Cloud Tools

b) Run Wordpress on Azure

c) Get a Cash-Register for your business or home-business 

d) Use Windows Azure based MonitorGrid Solution to monitor your home server

e) Use a Collaboration Software in the Cloud

f) Search E-Books on Windows Azure

g) Mapping Solution for Windows Azure

h) Find Friends via Bluehoo Mobile App

According to Microsoft also Umbraco now runs on Azure. I am waiting to get the download.

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