Saturday, March 5, 2011

Global MVP Summit 2011

Yesterday at 6:30 pm I arrived back at Stuttgart airport from my very first visit in the United States and my very first Microsoft MVP summit at Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington.

It was pure fun and a very exciting experience for me, and I wished to stay even longer there. I met a lot of other German MVPs – a great thing, because I haven’t seen any of them yet – and my MVP lead Katrin Letzel, to whom I only talked to at the telephone so far.

In the expertise group sessions I got to know many other Windows Azure MVPs and people from the Windows Azure product group. It was fascinating to meet people, who I could only see in recordings of past sessions at PDC or MIX. There were also Robert Duffner and Alejandra Jimenez who made it possible for me to attend the MVP summit!

Thank you again and again, that you made it possible for me to attend this year’s summit!

Even one of the Keynotes was held by Steve Ballmer. So i saw him the first time in reality there! Wow!

IMG_7171 IMG_7195


I got lot’s of information about the future of Windows Azure, the Azure platform and many other Microsoft products. It’s great to know where things are going to and what we have to be prepared for!


I really enjoyed my visit at Redmond and I am really looking forward to the MVP summit 2012. Hopefully I will be able to travel to Microsoft campus again.

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